November 5, 2013

healthy habits

So with my upcoming move to Boston, and Christmas photos coming up, I've decided to start taking small steps to a healthier lifestyle. On top of my regular gym days, I am adding the 30-day squat and 30-Day ab challenges to my routines. I'm at day 3 of 30 and I'm feeling it haha. Also to kickstart my more healthy lifestyle, Dakoda and I have been juicing up with some wheatgrass shots and detox drinks. In case you want to join us, I have posted the challenges below, and the recipe for my new favorite detox drink.
Enjoy xoxo


recipe for weight loss detox drink: 

                                                                 1 sliced cucumber 
                                                                 1 tbsp of freshly grated ginger 
                                                                 1 sliced lemon 
                                                                 1 sliced lime 
                                                                 1 bundle of crushed mint 
                                                                 2 qt of water 

slice, cut, grate and crush ingredients. then stir together into 2qt container of water. let sit in the refrigerator over night to let the ingredients saturate. add fresh ice, and enjoy 8 glasses a day! 

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