November 5, 2013

dreaming of disney

It's that time of year again. Christmas always makes me miss Disney World. My mom, sister and sisters boyfriend just came back from there Disney trip yesterday, and brought me back one of my favorite treats. I opted to stay behind because of my stressful course load in finishing my classes, but it definately wasnt an easy choice. I love Disney...I guess that's obvious. But when my boyfriend said "aren't you a little old for that?" I decided to take the time to explain the magic to some of you non-believers out there.
Disney is a dream come true for so many children, but it's not limited to that. Walt Disney made the parks for the children in all of us. We grow up and our thoughts are warped and loaded down with deadlines, bills, conflicts, struggles, budgeting, assignments, errands, name it, we all have to deal with it. But when you enter those magic gates in the Magic Kingdom, you get to enter a world where you leave behind all of your worries, the troubles, problems and stresses, and you truly get to be free again. This can be said of a lot of vacations I guess, but there's no vacation like Disney World. The attention to detail encompases every aspect from the moment you meet the complimentary Magic Express in the airport to those parting fireworks on your last day in Disney. The shows give you goose bumps, the food makes you swoon, and every cast member in the park believes in the same magic you do, and do all they can to make your trip seriously magical.
So Richie, no I'm not too old for Disney World ;)

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