November 5, 2013

dreaming of disney

It's that time of year again. Christmas always makes me miss Disney World. My mom, sister and sisters boyfriend just came back from there Disney trip yesterday, and brought me back one of my favorite treats. I opted to stay behind because of my stressful course load in finishing my classes, but it definately wasnt an easy choice. I love Disney...I guess that's obvious. But when my boyfriend said "aren't you a little old for that?" I decided to take the time to explain the magic to some of you non-believers out there.
Disney is a dream come true for so many children, but it's not limited to that. Walt Disney made the parks for the children in all of us. We grow up and our thoughts are warped and loaded down with deadlines, bills, conflicts, struggles, budgeting, assignments, errands, name it, we all have to deal with it. But when you enter those magic gates in the Magic Kingdom, you get to enter a world where you leave behind all of your worries, the troubles, problems and stresses, and you truly get to be free again. This can be said of a lot of vacations I guess, but there's no vacation like Disney World. The attention to detail encompases every aspect from the moment you meet the complimentary Magic Express in the airport to those parting fireworks on your last day in Disney. The shows give you goose bumps, the food makes you swoon, and every cast member in the park believes in the same magic you do, and do all they can to make your trip seriously magical.
So Richie, no I'm not too old for Disney World ;)

healthy habits

So with my upcoming move to Boston, and Christmas photos coming up, I've decided to start taking small steps to a healthier lifestyle. On top of my regular gym days, I am adding the 30-day squat and 30-Day ab challenges to my routines. I'm at day 3 of 30 and I'm feeling it haha. Also to kickstart my more healthy lifestyle, Dakoda and I have been juicing up with some wheatgrass shots and detox drinks. In case you want to join us, I have posted the challenges below, and the recipe for my new favorite detox drink.
Enjoy xoxo


recipe for weight loss detox drink: 

                                                                 1 sliced cucumber 
                                                                 1 tbsp of freshly grated ginger 
                                                                 1 sliced lemon 
                                                                 1 sliced lime 
                                                                 1 bundle of crushed mint 
                                                                 2 qt of water 

slice, cut, grate and crush ingredients. then stir together into 2qt container of water. let sit in the refrigerator over night to let the ingredients saturate. add fresh ice, and enjoy 8 glasses a day! 

back on the blog!

Ok, so I've taken a year-long hiatus from the blog given the incredibly busy nature of this year, however I am back now and ready to post more than ever! To celebrate the return, I wanted to share this pic of this adorable decal I got for my macbook air from For $2.99, I got this sweet Snow White decal that not only fits perfectly, but is perfectly fit for this self-professed princess. Hope you like it too.


As I am finally finishing my final online courses, my graduation is coming around in five little days. For those who don't know, one of my most defining qualities is my zeal for adventure. However, as far as high school goes, this is one of the worst traits you can get. Five different schools in four years, and one semester off later, my high school career has finally come to a close. This past year has been an incredible struggle as I've been forced into online courses with The Keystone School. Being motivated has really been the hardest part, and so the only way I've been able to finish is to isolate myself and just buckle down and work. As a separation-anxiety reminiscent social butterfly, this has been an absolute nightmare. So, some of my lovely and encourage friends got me a little something to motivate these final days...
These sweeties got me chocolates, vodka, and a graduation minnie mouse<3

diy agate coasters

Ok, so after seeing the jonathan adler gold-plated coasters, it was clear what my newest project was. Below you'll find the photos of the coasters I started with, and the after product.
So, since adler's coasters were hundreds of dollars, and I wasn't really in the mood to shell it out for things you put your mugs on, I shopped around online to check out other options. I decided on these great looking ones from target, they came in pink or blue. I chose pink, and at $15, they were quite a steal for a set of four. From Michael's Arts and Crafts store, I got a gold-leafing kit for about $10. The project totaled under $30 after tax. Perfect solution.

Here's how I did it:
1.)  I peeled off the tacky-looking plastic legs on the coasters (optional)
2.) Coat the edges of the coasters with the adhesive from the leafing kit
3.) Let them sit for 5 min. after applying adhesive, to enable the glue to get sticky
                - You can indicate when the adhesive is ready when the color changes from a milky-white to                    clear
4.) press on the gold leaf papers onto the edge of the coasters and peel off the excess paper.
5.) Let the leafed coasters sit for an additional 5 min before painting on the sealer on the edges.
6.) Let the sealer dry for, you guessed it, 5 min, and they're good to go.

apartment therapy

With my first place, comes new furniture. Despite the fact that I will be moving to Boston in December, these photos of the furniture here in my flat at Tennessee probably won't look much different than they will when I relocate. Without further ado...

Like what you see? The Rochester Sofa is from West Elm, the Rug is also from west elm. The cardboard taxidermy deer is from Urban Outfitters as is the bronze floor lamp. The curtains, coffee table, pillows and accent chaise are from Target. In the bedroom: The bed is from Pottery Barn, the Canopy is from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The sheets, comforter and body pillow are from Victoria's Secret Pink.