November 5, 2013


As I am finally finishing my final online courses, my graduation is coming around in five little days. For those who don't know, one of my most defining qualities is my zeal for adventure. However, as far as high school goes, this is one of the worst traits you can get. Five different schools in four years, and one semester off later, my high school career has finally come to a close. This past year has been an incredible struggle as I've been forced into online courses with The Keystone School. Being motivated has really been the hardest part, and so the only way I've been able to finish is to isolate myself and just buckle down and work. As a separation-anxiety reminiscent social butterfly, this has been an absolute nightmare. So, some of my lovely and encourage friends got me a little something to motivate these final days...
These sweeties got me chocolates, vodka, and a graduation minnie mouse<3

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