May 14, 2011

spring time in the south

top: juicy couture | belt: anthropologie | skirt: h & m
heals: h & m
bag: club monaco

Today, as I anxiously waited for the arrival of my new purchase, Chlo√©'s aurore medium leather bag, I decided to take a few pictures of my outfit. Nothing fancy, and you can't see my skirt (sorry, bad photographer), but it hits about mid thigh, and has a slight un-even hemline on either sides. It cost about $5, and is a seafoam green/mint julep, but you can practically get it in any color at h & m. Also, my belt is pretty jaded in the picture, but have no fear, I love it, and it will thus relapse in many more pictures to come. My bag came in the mail from, and I will post pictures this weekend when I have lots from my sister's graduation. Surprise surprise, I had yet another interview thursday, at a smaller boarding school in the south, and I feel pretty confident in my interview. The only downside is they don't allow boarders to have cars, which one would expect of a new england boarding school, but in the south where everything's so spread out....I'm kind of dissapointed, but that's no deal breaker. Wish me luck! 


  1. you are so amazing my dear thank you for your vote. you have surely been entered! xox

  2. The bag is gorgeous!! :)


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