April 19, 2011

a connecticut yankee in paris fashion week

Dark colors, tweeds, blazers, and overall man-spiration dominated the runways this year.






Image credit to fashionising.com 
the skinny: 
- SKINNY JEANS ARE DEAD. Skinny jeans dominated the American fashion scene to the extent that everything else(i.e. shirts, coats, tunics, ect.) were tailored around them. The NEW "pant to wear" is the trouser. Chinos, wide-leg, pajama pant, anything slouchy that retains a figure-hugging fit is for fall. Tweeds, plaids, and leathers are most commonly thrown around on the runaways. What else? 
- PUNK TREND: In men and women's wear, the punk trend has risen with leather pants, motorcycle boots, leather bombers, aviator jackets, and layering scarves, plaid button-downs, vests and wool sweaters together. Most prevalently seen in Blamain's men Autumn/Fall 2011 collection. 

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